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What's the best universal substitute for the "HP iLO Feature" for white box servers?

  • Needed features:

    -Works in any computer system, regardless of System Brand or Case Style (Tower / RM 1u - 4u+)

    -Comes in different models to fit different BUS slots.  (PCI is becoming rare)

    -KVM over IP (built in)

    -Power Off / Power On (over IP)

    Bonus features:

    Virtual Media (Floppy / CDROM)


    Any recomendations?  Even if it's a different direction?

    We have been using external KVM-over-IP's and Switched PDU's, but for smaller 1 or 2 server networks that cost is too high.

  • If your boxes have Intel vPro on them that would work. Nots ure off the top of my head if vPro is workstation only though

  • as far as i know vPro is workstation only.

    Intel does have Remote Management Cards for its own server boards (not system independant)

    i'm note sure what you are looking for actually exist but if you find it i sure would like to test it !

  • Here us a link with more on vPro: www.tomshardware.com/.../command-conquer,1591.html

    Also found some tools that can be used for discovery and configuration;