Remote Portal Access - Provide your users with extended remote functionality


Give users the tools they need to work with their system when they are not in the office by taking advantage of the technology you already have in place with Kaseya.  By leveraging this functionality, you can provide remote users with the ability to easily perform tasks such as transfer files, run Agent Procedures, access their desktop, manage their tickets and more, without the need for VPNs.


There is a 'portal' available to users of machines managed by Kaseya Agents, accessible by double-clicking the exposed Kaseya Agent taskbar icon:

Double-clicking the icon brings a user to a page that looks like the following image:

The contents of the 'portal' are controlled by the 'Machine Role' that each machine is a member of:

Did you know that this 'portal' is also available to your end-users when they are away from their machine?   To provide this extended functionality, configure 'Portal Access' on your managed machines:

By accessing your Kaseya Server ( and logging in with the credentials (Logon Name) as defined in the 'portal access' configuration, a user will be exposed to the functionality you have previously enabled for them:



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