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Building application for Windows Phone 7 and Android

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm looking to make some Mobile applications with VSA API for Windows Phone 7 and Android.

    I'm not searching for money,  profitability or what ever. I'm just a student who have to build app for my  courses @ Supinfo.
    We must build application who would be able to handle XML Request and queries to show up some data right on your phone.

    So as I am employ in Informatique & Services and we use Kaseya and we don't have iPhone, I have decided to make application for Kaseya and the Service Desk.
    Then my first question is : Who need this application (for Windows Phone 7 and Android)?

    My Second is : Where may I found more documentation on the Web Services provided by Kaseya?

    These applications would not published to marketplace or Android Market (to much cost for me...), but if Kaseya is interested about this I can give us for free ;).

    Who can help me to start ?

    For now I'm trying to port the Test Applications to WP7. Then I'll be able to make more.


    Etienne Deneuve

  • Hi Etienne

    I'd be interested in both Windows and Android platforms so please let me know if you need any testing done.

    This document is what I've looked at on this subject.


    Good luck and do keep us updated.

  • Thanks ;)

    I've noticed that the Test Client as a class in the web services named KaseyaWS but when I connect to my Web Services i've no KaseyaWS class with the Soap Method but i've got KaseyaWSSoap indeed .

    Have you a TestClient Up to date ?  

  • The hash method of Kaseya need mscorlib.dll version superior to 2.0 but Wp7 only use 2.0 and not the one provided by .NET Framework...

  • The authentification method is near of the end! Just need a way to get IP address of the WP7 (Microsoft don't let us have it by a standard way ...) I must to find a json services free and not tracking! What about add it on Kaseya WS ?

  • Kaseya 2.zip

    Hi !


    I've got finished to make the Authentification Request !

    If you want to test it you have the project here

    Send me return please.



    [edited by: Etienne at 10:50 AM (GMT -8) on 3-7-2012] Add Pictures & New project to have an Alerts List from Web Services.