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Restore deleted set credential

  • Hello Kaseyafriends,

    Yesterday we deleted all "Set-Credential" configurations at our 2500 Agent’s. Super Angry

    I was able to fix this with a Backup from the Database.

    I hope my post will someone help to fix the problem faster ...

    1) Go to the Databaseserver and open the SQL Server Managment Studio

    2) Made a new temporary Database
    - Start a new Query  (This query made a new temporary Database from a backup)
    - You must modify the path and filename 
    - Execute the query and wait until complete (depends on the performance of the server and the size of the database - could require hours) 

    4) Insert the deleted entries in the productiv Database

    5) Delete temporary database

    The SQL-Query's are attached.

    This is just a tip and should be performed only by persons with database knowledge!

    I assume no liability



  • As much as I like this Richard I hope not to use it.