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K2 - Login Page Customization

  • Hi Community

    I thought I'd share how to change the links at the bottom of the login page.

    I was recently tasked with changing the links at the bottom, to reflect links unique to our company. Here is how I had done it.

    *note, If you edit kaseya files, always backup the orginals*

    The location of the file we will be editing is kaseya\WebPages\access\loginCtl.asp

    Firstly backup the file loginCtl.asp and open up in an editor.
    In the file, navigate to the bottom, round about line 154.
    From line 155  till the bottom is the code that deals with the default links on the login page.

    If you have some html knowledge, it will be easy to modify, If you dont,  ask for help here  :)

    Just replace the links with what you would like to link to, and change the titles.

    hope you find it helpful.

  • Also, It should be noted that the login page does revert back to the default on occasion, with us its normally after a scheme re-apply or hotfix. So I have my modified loginCtl.asp file backed up, and when it reverts back, I just replace it.  I would suggest you do the same.

  • Similarly, I have a daily scheduled task to copy our favicon.ico file over the one that Kaseya sometimes hotfixes into place... :)

  • Do you have any ideas for moving the text off of the bottom of the browser window?  I've customized our page and cannot seem to put in another line break below the last line.  If I do, it creates a scroll box in the browser.

    Any ideas?

  • Without digging in too deeply, I'd be looking closely at the COLSPAN=2 HEIGHT=99% in the TD section containing that text at the bottom. You might be able to either work within that section or modify the table code somewhat.

    (Tables, Kaseya? Really.)