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Creating a view for agents with KES/KAV only installed

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HI folks,

I'm wanting to create a view to show only agents with KAV or KES installed, with the idea to use this not only for agent management but also reports.

I can easily identify agents with, for example, the avgwdsvc.exe (KES) or avp.exe (KAV) present on them but these will also show up for machines with non-Kaseya AVG & Kaspersky on them. 

Any suggestions on how I can create such a view to only show the KES & KAV machines and at the same time? I'd rather have a single view handle this rather than one view for KES and one for KAV but if that's too difficult then I'll have to work with 2 views.



Dean Calvert (Australia)

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  • I'm interested as well.

  • Somthing that I did for a while was to change the name in add/remove KES(yourCompany) or something... run a script and base the filter off of that report... It's pretty high maintenance but it'll get you what you're looking for... I did this for KES and BU-DR so the same should work with KAV and KAM too.

    Note: I no longer do this because its pretty time consuming.

  • You can create a VIEW with a Contains Application of AVP.EXE for Kaspersky and version string > 9.  For AVG you can use AVGW.EXE and check your version number under the Audit -> Installed application for all the different version.  Unfortunately with this method you have to create a view for each version of the software.

  • How about for Kaseya's version of KAM instead of the original MalWareBytes?

  • If you create a new view, there's specifc checkboxes just for "Show machines with the following modules installed"  and you can choose KES, Anti-Virus, or Anti-Malware.

    Isn't this what you want?

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  • Why don't you just use the built in checkbox's in the View screen?  There are now options that let you select machines with add-ons.



  • They have also added a check box in the group view for KAM, KAV,BUDR + are on the way.

  • Dope thanks homies!

  • For some reason I only have the "KES" checkbox available in that view change screen. Maybe I need to update to KAM 1.1 before seeing it?

  • Ok I just learned that KAM 1.1 isn't released. So why don't I have tthe checkbox for Anti-Malware?

  • What version of K2 do you have?  (System -> Configure)

    I'm running

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  • Whhhaat mine is . When I click "Check  For Update" and "Get Latest Hotfix", nothing happens.

  • Scroll down to "Kserver version" at the bottom

  • Oh yeah you're right.

  • This is very intresting to me to.

    I am using KServer Version:

    and I only have the Anti-Virus checkbox in the view configure options even though I have KES installed aswell.

    Any Ideas?