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Customize Live Connect with your Agent Procedures.

  • Customize Live Connect with TABs that provide quick access to your most productive Agent Procedures.  Control who has access to each procedure. 

    Provide some control to your administrators and others to your end users, allowing them to “help themselves.” Procedures run with an elevated authority, which means even if the user does not have Active Directory (AD) authority in the install software, they can through this method.  Clicking Run Now, instructs the Agent to perform the action on the users behalf.

    This is easily configured from the System Tab> Live Connect.


  • Whoops, sorry for the low (three star) rating. That was a mis-click and evidently this forum doesn't allow me to re-rate an article.

    I immediately had to try this EXCELLENT tip but hit my head against the K-wall a few times. The first big wtf-moment was that Kaseya calls the tabs "home pages", not "tabs".

    To add a tab, click the [+ New Home Page] button, give it a name, do your deeds and save your changes. Kaseya Live Connect sorts the tabs alphabetically (this was the second wtf moment).

  • simple yet effective - will be exceptionally useful to our techs... Cheers

  • I've fooled around with this and like it a lot... but (there's always a but isn't there) I can't sort them which kind of bums me out... but its nice to have very very nice.

  • true... but you can custom label them with numbers so they sort in the desired order...

    1. Agent Procedure

    2. Another one

    3. And so on