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Hi there,

Wich sources do you use to get the information to make a report that you want? Do you use Kaseya itself or do you use reporting server directly? What is the best way to get around with this?

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  • Use either the views or the API.  By going directly to the tables or reporting server, there's no guarantee your reports will carry over when Kaseya comes out with updates.  There is documentation in the help files for both options.

  • If you're using K2, you're actually using reporting services, but with can'd reports. We use the Kaseya reports for quickie reports for our tech's, but have paid for a guy to come in and build our customer facing reports outside of Kaseya. They come out prettier and have all our detail info that we're looking to present to the customer. Personally I think the one's built off the "API" are nicer.

  • Thanks for your answers, we also think that the reports that can be made with Kaseya are for our inside view online, because you are limited by what you can change, and the template. So we are also thinking about taking it outside the box, by using the reporting server directly.

  • Report Services seems to be the way to go for sure, it's just another hurdle. We have been trying to get useful data from Kaseya over the last week, using Report Builder 3, with little useful data being retrieved.

    The data I'd be looking at replicating from the built in reports is from the Script and Alarm Logs at this stage. Would anyone care to share the DataSets they use?



  • Go to System - Database Access and click on help.  1st line has a link to a list of the views that are available.  At least in K 2008.

    We've also gone directly against the database for somethings.   Kaseya doesn't move that fast in development that we've had a problem with a report not working.