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Has anybody used the above functionality? If so what do you use it for, and most importantly is it any good at what you use it for?

I'm looking to use it to try to make my life simplier, but looking at the available options for it I am not sure that is achieves what I want.

Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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  • I have actually worked with the Web Service quite a bit in the recent past and, while there are definitely some gaps between what can be done via the API versus the interface, it absolutely has its uses. To answer your question as to what it's used for, the primary function as I understand it is strictly to provide an interface for third parties to write code or components to integrate with the Kaseya front end. In theory you could go through the database directly, but this isn't supported and writing anything to the database directly can have unforseen issues so the APIs are the preferred approach. Unfortunately not everything is exposed through the APIs, but you can do a number of things that will help speed up a large implementation project or pull data into a separate web page.

    I have done some work with using BCS in SharePoint 2010 to present data from Kaseya and I have also been ever so slowly working on a set of PowerShell cmdlets, though this project has been stalled for a while now due to lack of time unfortunately. For the PowerShell side, you can see at least a begining example of accessing the APIs via PowerShell using the source code on my CodePlex site found here - http://k2int.codeplex.com/.

    If you want to do full on development, I am unfortunately going to be of slightly less help as I am still learning that side of things, but if using PowerShell or if you just have general questions, please feel free to reach out to me in email ChrisdotWhitfieldAtParanetdotCom and I will always be happy to help if I can.

    I hope this info helps.


  • Chris,

    The work you are doing looks very interesting.  I looked into the same, but quickly moved it into the too hard basket (because I cant code to save myself)

    From the command line, I wanted to be able to close tickets, query tickets and close alarms.

    Good luck at getting Powershell up and running.  It's a magnificent idea.