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Kaseya MSE 5.1 and Kaseya MSE G1

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I  am using Kaseya Managed Services Edition ,  I am following the training online for Kaseya G1 , but I an wondering what are the main differences between the two of them?

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  • If you are using 5.1 and current on maintenance your smoothest upgrade path is to K2.  You cannot buy 5.1 any longer.   In terms of how MSE-G1 is different, Kaseya G1 provides updated support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.  MSE-G1 is focused on the core Kaseya functionality for smaller MSPs and doesn't allow for advanced Add-On functionality available in K2 such as Backup, Antivirus, etc.

    [edited by: Brendan Cosgrove at 6:02 PM (GMT -7) on 6-29-2010]
  • Thank you Brendan,

    I will contact customer support and find out about the upgrade,