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Tip to finding/fixing "Advanced agent data filter" listing fields as "undefined"

  • If you, like me, use a bunch of Machine Custom Fields, you might find that some Views aren't working particularly well after you import them to a new server that may or may not have the same Machine Custom Fields (or had them added in a different order).  You'll likely find that the "Advanced agent data filter" is showing several MCFs as "undefined" like below:

    **Assuming that you're on-prem**, you can run the following SQL query to identify which named Views have fields that are undefined:

    SELECT DISTINCT v.viewName FROM viewDef AS v
    JOIN reportFilters AS f ON f.filterId = v.advFilterId
    WHERE f.filter = 'undefined'

    It should then be easy to find/fix said Views without having to check through *all* views for this issue Smile

  • Brian, Can you help me create a filter for quickbook servers. Ever version has different database e.g. quickbookdb21, 22, 23, 24 and so on. I could create a filter to list all quickbook servers but I want to create filter in which I can list them per their database number

  • Hi Brian,

    just did the test with your query which gives me a view in which the advanced data filter checkbox is not selected !!


  • Hi Brian,

    just ran the query and checked the results :

    1) one view not in the list of selectable "views" !!

    2) one view but the advanced data filter checkbox is not selected.