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Alarm source analysis using Info Centre reports

  • One of the queries we frequently get within Kaseya professional services is how to do bulk analysis of incoming alarms to cut down on the perceived 'noise' being generated by alerting.

    The root cause of this noise is almost always due to a combination of a) poor choices for alert or monitor set thresholds and b) not responding to genuine alarms resulting in repeated alarms.

    One quick way of identifying overall trends is to use the Info centre reporting functions to find top alarm producers. You can use the Import/Export function within the Kaseya System tab to import the following report to provide this trend analysis: 


    To import the .XML file, navigate to System > Server management > Import Center, click New Import and choose the location you downloaded the above XML file.

    Then navigate to Info Centre > Reporting > Reports and choose the Alarm Source Summary report.

    Then run the report.

    The following example from a customer with around 460 agents we recently checked highlights an issue with attempting to run the Symantec Backup Exec module on version 7.0 resulting in script failures, and poor choices for exchange server and workstation disk I/O thresholds.

  • Thanks for Sharing

  • Hello Andrew Doull,

    Thanks for Sharing this report.

    Could you describe how you build this report for Kaseya from SQL Query's. It would be nice to create report with query's and then import them into Kaseya Reporting.

  • Hi,

    just ran the report which only shows high number of eventlog error !!

    without any other deails - drill down