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SQL Query against Views to report on Offline Server Agents?

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Just having dug into the views yesterday, we're looking for a way to report on all Server agents (we have a 'view' for this in the Kaseya interface) that are currently offline.

Is this possible with the Kaseya views?  After reading for an hour, I haven't found a clean way to accomplish this without digging into the base tables, which aren't accessible using the KaseyaViews user provided.


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  • I'm confused

    Do you already have a Kaseya View for Offline Servers ?

    And are you wanting to create a report that shows only these Offline Servers ?

  • You would need to create a new view for it to be accessible using the KaseyaViews user.

    Here is such a view

    SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT dbo.vMachine.Machine_GroupID, dbo.agentState.online

    FROM         dbo.vMachine INNER JOIN

                         dbo.agentState ON dbo.vMachine.agentGuid = dbo.agentState.agentGuid

    WHERE     (dbo.vMachine.OsInfo LIKE '%server%') AND (dbo.agentState.online = 0)