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Audit for specific files

  • Anyone know how I can run an audit / report for a specific file (non exe)?

    I have a network based app that runs from a file share.

    I am trying to see how many people have the shortcut to this app (filename.lnk) - more specifically which computers have this in any of the profiles

  • as for an audit, I don't think Kaseya watchs for .lnk files, but you can test for the file with an Agent Procedure. Write your procedure to run through the different %userprofile% and test for the existence of your .lnk file and write the path out to the script logs, then you can run a script log report and it should give you a list of each computer plus every profile on that PC with the .lnk      

    Other than that, I doubt you'll get what your looking for.

    Kaseya agent procedures doesn't support looping, so you'll have to use a batch file or vbs to search through each of the profiles, or you could run the script like such.....

    test for user loged in

    if yes then    

    test for file in <path>

    if exist write to script log >> file exist

    else (test for user loged in)

    schedule <this script> to run again in 1 hour

    kinda sloppy script, but you get the idea. I think you'll have better results with a batch or vbs

    if you need some help on a vbs, let me know (I'm not the best at scripting, but I can coble something together)