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Using Custom Fields in Alert emails.

  • It is possible to create custom fields that can be accessed via- our alert emails by using the email formats.


    Here is an example:

    As a customer you can extend our views and create your own, as long as the agentGuid is the key. Below I added IP Addess to the current vSystemInfo view and renamed it to vCustomSystemInfo.  On a system check alert I can pull extra data that can be used in the description and email.   
    CREATE VIEW [dbo].[vCustomSystemInfo] AS   
    SELECT m.machName+'.'+m.groupName AS Machine_GroupID,   
    a.manufacturer AS Manufacturer,   
    a.productName AS [Product Name],   
    a.version AS [System Version],   
    a.sysSerialNumber AS [System Serial Number],   
    a.chassisSerialNum AS [Chassis Serial Number],   
    a.chassisAssetTag AS [Chassis Asset Tag],   
    a.extBusSpeed AS [External Bus Speed],   
    a.maxMemModSize AS [Max Memory Size],   
    a.memSlots AS [Max Memory Slots],   
    a.chassisManuf AS [Chassis Manufacturer],   
    a.chassisType AS [Chassis Type],   
    a.chassisVer AS [Chassis Version],   
    a.mbManf AS [Motherboard Manufacturer],   
    a.mbProduct AS [Motherboard Product],   
    a.mbVersion AS [Motherboard Version],   
    a.mbSerial AS [Motherboard Serial Num],   
    a.procFamily AS [Processor Family],   
    a.procManuf AS [Processor Manufacturer],   
    a.procVersion AS [Processor Version],   
    a.procMaxSpeed AS [CPU Max Speed],   
    a.procCrntSpeed AS [CPU Current Speed],   
    up.ipAddress as [IP Address]   
    FROM auditRsltSmbios a   
    LEFT OUTER JOIN machNameTab m ON a.agentGuid=m.agentGuid   
    LEFT OUTER JOIN userIpInfo up ON a.agentGuid=up.agentGuid   
    WHERE m.machName IS NOT null   
    In the "body" of the email this was entered:
    Manufacturer: <db-vCustomSystemInfo.Manufacturer>   
    Serial #: <db-vCustomSystemInfo.System Serial Number>   
    IP Address: <db-vCustomSystemInfo.IP Address>    

  • I'm not sure I fully understand your request, but we can call custom fields in "Send Email" steps with a variable like the following:


    Note there are no spaces allowed.