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Tips and Trick - Using Forms in Service Desk

  • Do you have forms or document templates that you already use to manage certain aspects of the IT Services you deliver to users?  For example, a standard document you use over and over again to obtain more information as part of a process.  You can store forms within Service Desk as 'Note Templates' and 'Message Templates' and these can be subsequently called upon during actions such as sending email notifications and/or when adding notes to a ticket.


    Use Service Desk 'Note Templates' and/or 'Message Templates':


    Call upon a 'Message Template' automatically within a 'Service Desk Procedure' (for instance, to deliver the form to the submitter of a ticket based on some criteria defined within the ticket):

    Call upon a 'Note Template' manually when creating a ticket (for instance, to expose the form to your technicians and/or end-users for immediate editing):

    The completed forms can be captured into the 'Ticket Notes' for auditing:

  • This means I can send change request forms to the users and the can just sign these forms. I can also then send network registration forms to the users or manager for completion.

    Thank you so much Brendon i will give it a bash and let you know how it goes.

  • Brendon can you make the agent procedure available to me I would like to edit my service desk with the forms. We planning a session to discuss the functional requirements and process to implement a complete end to end service desk solution for the coming year.