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I'm looking to write some sort of report to find clients with outdated software. For that, i would need a way to know what sofware version is current. Of course i could enter that manually and keep my list maintained, but as a fan of automation, that's just not elegant.

Is there a service anywhere which would return the latest version of popular software? Optimally it would be some web service which only returns a string with the version number.

For example, something like http://example.net/latestversion?q=Adobe+Reader would return 10.1.0 or whatever the version is today. I've actually come across some URL like that on an Adobe site which tells me what the latest version of some specific software is, but i can't remember what that was. It would be a nice start though..


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  • Food for thought.

    Take a look at Ninite and the new updater.


  • Coming soon to a KServer near you.





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    Food for thought.

    Take a look at Ninite and the new updater.


  • does this apply for the saas environment?

    i was already thinking of a procedure to search for software and versions like "wmic product get name,version | find "Java(TM)" >> c:\swlist2.txt"

    and veryfy them against a script on our own webserver witch should alert us when a newer version is detected. the procedure will install the latest version from our own FTP site if the version is out dated.

    not quite the result we are looking for.

  • @Brian Savelkouls something to keep in mind is that not all installed software will be listed with the "WMIC PRODUCT" command. A good example of this is Adobe Flash Player. To get a list of install applications you want to enumerate the DisplayName and DisplayVersion Registry data values for each application located under the following registry key's;



    (Note that the second registry key is for 64bit computers only.)

    By enumerating these values you should get the same list of installed applications as you normally see under the "Add and Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features"