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Non-Compliance Reporting

  • Whether it is 3PP or Ninite Pro that is being used, we are seeing that certain machines are being reported as non-compliant.  This is because the software on the endpoint is auto-updating faster than the Ninite Pro or 3PP software is being updated.  3PP was terrible in how slow its database was so far behind in the versioning of the software.  A prime example was Google File Stream.  It took months for this to show up in the database as being available to be deployed to our endpoints.

    How are people handling this issue?  Are you first creating APs to push out the individual installers with the proper switches to turn off the auto update features?  

    Does anyone have more in-depth information on Ninite Pro as it is used with Kaseya?  The documentation is very poor.  This seems to be a common theme we are seeing in most of the sections of the application.

  • We have custom A-Ps to deploy applications, using Managed Variables to handle customer-specific parameters like licensing. We then use Ninite Pro in our updating solution but wrote our own Ninite wrapper app & procedure to drive it.