Hi everyone,

we´re running into some serious troubles on nearly all of our managed agents we have. 

We use KSDU to maintain a variety of Software on managed machines. Most of the time it works well but now the Citrix Recerver Installer is crashing our agents. The installation of Citrx Receiver allways fails with the same error which i´m only able to see when i look into the software history of a specific machine. Agent logs wont show any errors. 

The error message we receive:

As you can see the Agent tries to install the Receiver every day. The annoying part of this is that the Agent stops to work on his other routines. You can still see the agent online and connect to it remotely but he wont execute any other procedures (patch scan, audit, custom procedure, etc.) which is really troublesome for us. 

Do anyone of you experience the same issue with this Receiver Version or does anyone know how i can get rid of the above posted error?

Best Regards,