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Several App Installs Failing

  • We are testing the effectiveness and ease of utilizing KSDU. We have created a profile with 5 apps (Chrome, JAVA 8, Shockwave, Reader DC, and Silverlight. We put it into place last week with the profile set to scan/deploy/update every day at 1-2AM. After a whole week and out of 36 machines, only 1 has had every software package install properly. It appears that we're receiving the same 2 errors for pretty much every machine/app. They are below. Does anyone have any suggestions/insight?

    ERROR: execFileAsUser() failed with error -13 while spawning c:\kworking\KSDU\KSAASC12549911922485\Ninite Shockwave Installer[16155].exe

    runProcessAsUserThread("c:\kworking\KSDU\KSAASC12549911922485\Ninite Reader DC Installer 15.20.20042;15.6.30244(en-US)[16253].exe" /locale en-US /silent "c:\kworking\KSDU\KSAASC12549911922485\Install_822462514472408.log" /allusers) failed with error 2

    FYI we're using VSA 9.3.

  • There are some major fixes for KDSU in patch 17, that are in to fix the adobe read DC issue. Do you have this patch or higher?