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Agent Check in the first time, gets software pack

  • Guys,

    Afternoon.. I am trying setup a software profile that has a group of software assigned to it.

    Once the agent checks in the very first time, the get the software profile, installs the software and that's it. one time install ran only at the first checkin.

    is that possible and if so, what is the best way to do it.

  • We have a fake customer for audits and system builds. Any new build is done on a network that auto-maps the computer to that customer, in a build sub-group.

    Our service desk kicks off the first round, customizing the agent settings, installing support tools, and performing an audit that will ultimately be responsible for the monitor sets that get applied. Once the audit completes, System Policies get applied, kicking of installation procedures for components that get installed on all systems. Workstations can then be moved to another sub-group where additional sets of policies deploy additional applications and perform other, customer specific configuration tasks. Thus, when we have a 30-workstation build for a customer, we unlink any old policies from the nocust.build.cfg1 group and link the customer-specific policy there. Simply moving the computer agent into that group performs the customization. When complete, the agent is moved into the correct customer.workstation group.Views and Policies are your friends for this.

    We use nocust.audit.cust# for non-client audits. This prevents auto-deployment of monitors, patching, updates, maintenance, and anything else that our Auto-Pilot policies might apply. Only the initial agent config and utility deployment  are performed on systems in the audit subgroup.

    The key to using policies to deploy software is a view. The view checks for a flag in the registry that the initialization has completed. The policy runs several procedures to install apps, the last one defines the registry key. Once the registry key is found, the view is invalid and the policy no longer applies. We deploy several dozen of these type of views with policies - they work great!

    Take a look at the RMM Suite in the Automation Exchange or the mspbuilder.com web site to see how we leverage this type of automation.