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How to have my own .EXE to install on the agents?

  • First, I'm still very new to Kaseya, so if this is a dumb question, please just point me to the right wording, since I could not find similar situation.

    I'm using Ninite to deploy software to may clients, but always there are some software that they want, and it's not on Ninite.

    Is there any way I can create my own Catalog, upload .EXE (or .MSI) files there and create ways to silent install it?

    Right now, I want to upload "classicshell.exe" to all windows 8.1 machines and run it using the parameter "/qn" that is suppose to install silent.

    Never did it before, so not sure how to do. Any a bit more detailed step-by-step will be deeply appreciated.


  • Hello Ehm01,

    You could use an Agent Procedure and create a library of procedures that install software on Computers where Agents are installed.
    In each procedure you create you would add the necessary steps to install (and some times uninstall) the necessary software.
    Your agent procedure would also take care of pushing the installer to the endpoint prior of the installation.

    Start from AgentProcedure -> Manage Procedures ->  Schedule / Create
    and experiment with the Kaseya procedures.

    Preparing setup procedures may be different depending on your own environment.
    Below there's an extract from one of our procedures to install the Citrix Receiver silently:

    You can see an example of WriteFile (that you would use to push classicshell.exe to your endpoint) and an example to run the command to install an executable silently.

    Kaseya offers many "step" commands but you can run anything you want with the ExecuteShellCommand / ExecutePowershell etc..

    And you can choose to run steps as Administrator or as User.

    Reading the help file should be the first step to learn how procedures work:


    Best Regards