I was informed from support that Kaseya is no longer able to push out Acrobat updates from KSDU because Adobe has prohibited it.  All Acrobat updates after versions 9.5.5, 10.1.14, and 11.0.11 will no longer work through Software Deployment, and have to be pushed out using an agent procedure.  

Has anybody found a workaround to continue pushing updates via the Software Deployment module?  

I attempted to create a custom Windows Installer in the KSDU Catalog using the update I downloaded from Adobe, but that didn't work because the update file that Adobe provides is an MSP file, and the Windows Installer config window only accepts EXE and MSI files.  MSP files are not supported (please see picture).

Thank you

I added a workaround I attempted which was to create a custom installer, and mentioned that it didn't work because the custom installer only accepts MSI and EXE files, not MSP files (which is what Adobe provides)
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