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  • Currently we are testing Ninite/KSDU for a few days in anticipation of a possible purchase but I am having difficulty seeing how it would fit well to meet our needs.  For our higher security clients we have been using Shavlik to manage and patch 3rd party apps.  We would love to move away from the added cost and integrate this into our regular management with Kaseya,  To this end, we want to scan all covered systems looking for instances of any application in the Ninite catalog and, if one exists, ensure it is updated to the latest version.  It seems this can be done by setting a profile to use the entire catalog and configuring it to 'Always Deploy latest', Auto approve and 'Scan and update if installed'.  But, there doesn't seem to be any way to easily monitor and report on success as all machines are out of compliance due to not having every application in the catalog installed.  Essentially I want patch management but updating 3rd party apps rather than MS.....is anyone else doing something like this and, if so, would you be willing to point me in the right direction?



  • Hi Karoded, If you created a Policy with the apps you want in it, you then need to associate the machines in question to that policy group. Once that is done you can monitor who is compliant. You can also setup email notifications.

  • Thanks for the fast reply s.leathwood.  I understand that I could set up multiple policies with specific apps and keep those apps up to date.  However, we are hoping for a way to scan and update all covered apps.  For instance, we only install Flash for people who actually need it to do their jobs but, there is nothing to prevent a user we haven't installed it for to install it themselves.  If we are only updating machines where we know it exists, any rogue installs will not be maintained.  Similarly if someone decides they want to start using pdfcreator or an ftp client and we are not informed, we are in the same boat.



  • Karoded,

    Stuff like that can be solved using group policy. Requiring administrative passwords would stop the users from installing software. You can even disable things like flash in the web browser using group policy.

    just a few ideas...

  • You could make a custom field, something like 3rdPartyApps and assign each known 3rd party app a number or letter code... use the Kaseya DB to find which machines have those apps installed.. then log everything in that field... then make policies for each 3rdPartyApp that only apply if its corresponding code is in the custom field

  • Thanks for the input everyone I really appreciate it.  It seems clear that this is a Software Deployment tool (as stated in its name!) and it is not really useful as a 3rd party patch management tool.  We will just need to stay with Shavlik for that as it does work well.

    Best Regards