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Using KSDU to install Super Anti-Spyware not working

  • I have a small list of software that I want to install and update in each machine and inside that list there is Super-Anti-Spyware, version 6.0.1210.

    All other software on the profile are installing well on each machine but this one. It takes a long time on the yellow sigh "Software Deployment in Process", when I check "Status by Machine" on "Software Deployement" tab.

    After many minutes, the yellow icon turn red with the message "Error Deploying Software", with the message "super : install failed - timeout - 3356"

    Searching the SuperAntiSpyware site, there is no error 3356 registered there.

    Any help?

    Thank you

  • Have you tried installing silently but outside KSDU? Manually via command prompt for example. Does that work?

  • I'm not sure how to do that.

    I try to understand from SuperAntiSpware web site, but looks like I'm not doing something right.

    I was hopping just to have it installed by KSDU in an automatic/unattended way.

    Is there a page where I can learn how to manually install SAS?

    Thank you

  • I have no experience in using SAS at all but as a general rule: The timeout error you get suggest that you get a prompt from the installation program and it is sitting there waiting for you to click "Next" for examaple. That is why I asked if you tested it manually from command prompt for example and see what happens. You might have the wrong parameter for a silent installation.