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KSDU does not recognize Windows 10 machines

  • Agents in Win10 machines do not appear in KSDU and if you check their status via Policy Management it tells me they are not recognized as windows machines.

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    Beta support for Windows10 is included the R9.1 release of the VSA only.  Prior versions do not support Win10 and may reflect these machines as Win8 or 8.1.  Full support for Win10 is expected with the September 2015 release.  If you are running R9.1 and your endpoint has been updated to agent version 9.1 (check Agent > Update Agent to verify), please open a ticket at helpdesk.kaseya.com to report this.  Since R9.1 provides only Beta support for Win10, this may be a known issue, but a ticket will be the appropriate way to determine that or get the necessary resources involved.

    If you are not running R9.1, you will need to upgrade to that version for any Win10-related support.

  • Running R9.1 with latest patch so I opened a ticket,  #98304