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AVG 2012 resident shield blocking Ninite installers

  • For the past few weeks, KES (AVG 2012) has been blocking Ninite installer files from running - recognizing them as infected. Recent Air, Java, and Flash updates have been affected. Exceptions we have set in the resident shield for the file sources do not seem to be working. The only workaround I've come up with is to disable the resident shield in AVG before an installation and re-enable after using Pre/Post procedures through KSDU. The procedures are using the commands listed here: http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/EN/KES/2030000/index.asp#5355.htm.

    They work when ran individually and I manually deploy the update, but the problem occurs when an application is deployed with the pre/post procedures set. There is not enough time between the "Disable resident shield" procedure and when the application attempts to install. I've tried adding a pauseProcedure step, and executing a batch file with a 30 second timeout as well. Is anyone aware of how to implement a delay into the pre-procedure so that the resident shield has enough time to stop before the Ninite installation is started?

  • Mzuber, make sure to get a support ticket submitted for this one. You shouldn't have to go through this disable resident shield stuff - I think we can get in touch with AVG to make sure the Ninite installers are not blocked.

  • Kaseya support spoke to AVG for me and it appears that AVG has fixed the false positives for Ninite files.

  • Here we go again, the latest Ninite Shockwave Installer is tripping up on this, as are a few others.  I've submitted the .160 version of Shockwave installer to AVG, for what good that is expected to do.

  • Hello

    Could we get you to open a ticket with our Support team at the link below so they can push this through AVG for review to see if this is a false positive where AVG is blocking Ninite.


    Please collect the diagnostic data for AVG from the link below or if you already have this just attach to your ticket.