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Master Ninite Catalog updates

  • So, I'm wondering how Kaseya goes about updating their Master Catalog for Ninite... especially in light of the fact that Piriform's utils have been pulled from Ninite for months now but CCLeaner, Recuva, Defraggler, et al are still showing up in the Kaseya catalog. I'm not going to try deploying them (since if they're using the Ninite "engine" they just won't work) but if someone didn't know about the Piriform Versus Ninite thing they might be confused by this...

  • We're interested in the reason they're still showing up as well.  I thought changes/updates were made regularly to KSDU.

  • Kuuser, your thinking is correct -- the KSDU catalog updates regularly based on what is made available by Ninite every day.

    What we do NOT do is deprecate older versions - a pretty nice feature that is part of the value of the KSDU module versus just deploying individual applications with scripts. You've got version control over the apps you deploy and you don't just have to always update to the latest.

    The aforementioned apps will still be available in the KSDU catalog until we are told to remove them.

    Good catch guys, hopefully my post explains the "discrepancy"

  • Ben, while you're at it, please add .NET 4 as it has been available to ninite pro users since it's release.

    I'm still using my old agent procedure using ninitepro.exe /select ".NET 4" /quiet to deploy this.

    That would be great.

  • Ben:  Does that mean that even though the app has been removed from Ninite, it can still be kept up to date by KDSU?

  • Eperson - we'll keep the last Ninite-updated version until we are outright told to remove it from the catalog.

    On .net 4.0... if it's in the Ninite Catalog but we aren't yet deploying it with KSDU, we must have a really good reason for not including it yet. I'll try to find out what is going on.

  • Nicklas - DotNet 4 is now available in the Master Catalog. Thanks for your patience.

  • Thank you!

  • Hi Scott,

    On a similar note - "Java 7" and "Java x64" are recognized by the module as being installed on machines, but are not listed in the Master Catalog yet.

    Are these the same as .NET 4 was - available in Ninite Pro, but not in KSDU yet?

  • No, it still isn't.

    Even after "Refresh Master Catalog" it doesn't show up.

  • Interesting you say "we do NOT do is deprecate older versions", since I've noticed that at least one app (Cute PDF) is no longer in the master catalog.  We were rolling it out to our users, but it's no longer available...

  • So to paraphrase, what you're saying is that the previous versions of software offered in the Catalog within KSDU are value-added above and beyond regular Ninite Pro, managed by Kaseya internally?

  • I don't seem to be able to find GoToMeeting in the Master Catalog, If I run NiniteOne it is listed there.

    I have tried to refresh the available software in the catalog and got some new apps but not GoToMeeting.

    Can anyone please provide some insight as to why it doesn't display.

    We are running Kasyea 6.3 if that makes any difference.

  • Yes, I have also found the way things get named quirky in the Master Catalog. Why are PDF Reader 10 a different app from PDF Reader 9. 64 bit versions and 32 bit versions are sometimes treated as one app. Other places as 2 apps. CutePDF has disappeared after I rolled in out to over 200 machines, but seems to have updated itself in some cases to Version 3.0.

    May be slightly off in precision, as I did this from memory.  Ver 6.3 also

  • You should see GoToMeeting under the Master Catalog > Ninite > Extra folder.  If you don't see it, right click on the Master Catalog, and select 'Refresh available software.'  The refresh can take awhile.  If you still don't see GoToMeeting on your system, please open a ticket so that we can get it resolved for you.