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Agent Procedure Ninite

  • Ninite website has some instructions on how to use its product with Kaseya. And I am aware of a future update with Software Deployment that will incorporate Ninite. I am wondering if any Kaseyaians out there have created an agent procedure that will do the updating for adobe, etc programs. And if you have would you share your procedure?



  • Good news.

    Software Deployment and Update uses Ninite *today* :)


  • Thank you Ben, for pointing that out.

  • hello jonarhan.

    what do u think about? i havevery tiny ones for updating and installing some sort of standards. .... like reader, cutepdf. ..

  • I am looking for an agent procedure to deploy and monitor Ninite Pro.  

    The Attachment at the top of this forum thread does not lead to an XML file.  

    I was hoping someone had a script that I could build off of at least.

  • Software Update in Kaseya works well for us and is a pretty automated way to do it.

    Procedure based you could do something like this (There's other ways to do it as well)

    • Download your NinitePro executable
    • Upload that executable to somewhere you can download it from automatically, I use the KServer but you could use Dropbox as well and change the end number to allow direct downloads.
    • If it's in Kaseya then use a writefile to get the executable down to the endpoint, maybe the kworking folder.
    • I find it best if I use an impersonate in the procedure to make sure I'm running as an admin user.
    • Then use an execute file with something like this as the parameter to the executable:  /select Chrome Dropbox Firefox Flash "Flash (IE)" Java "Java 7" "Java x64" "Java x64 7" Air CutePDF Evernote Reader Silverlight Shockwave "Citrix Receiver" /updateonly /disableautoupdate /disableshortcuts /silent 
    • If you wanted to pipe the output to a file you can add a file name to the end of the parameter and then use something like getvariable to read it in and sendemail to send the result out to a mailbox