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KSDU Profiles Best Practice?

  • So I am at a quandry with profiles.


    Should we create a profile per org (or more if they have the needs) or a set of standard profiles?

    e.g. should I create an "All Browsers" profile and put Chrome, FF, Safari, Opera in there, create a Chrome and FF only, Chrome and Safari only etc.  Adobe, Dropbox, etc.  Or should we create one per org with their standard apps in it?

    I am leaning towards the one per org but wondered if anyone had any other thoughts?

  • I guess it depends on your clients.  We have some financial institutions that require specific versions of Java for their applications while others just want to be updated to the latest version for their auditors.  So we'll have to do a mixture.  We'll probably have profiles setup to for updating the most common items (Java, Flash, Reader, etc.) that will be common across many clients and then some that will have the specific versions needed for a specific client's application support.

    So far in testing the module has shown promise.  Just wish I could exclude icons from being created.

  • +1 on the desktop icons

    Really annoying


  • So, the desktop icons. The trick is to add the Ninite Pro command line switch to disable icons ("/disableshortcuts")...

    ...for each piece of software you add to your catalogs.

  • hopefully that becomes a checkbox in the next version.

  • Mark.Hodges
    hopefully that becomes a checkbox in the next version.

    Yes, it will be a checkbox in the next version (KSDU v1.1).