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Reader DC 17 not deploying

  • Does anyone else have issues with reader DC 17 not deploying?

    It's in the catalog, but it's showing the profile version as 15, when 17 is clearly in the profile catalog. 

  • I had a similar issue just a few weeks ago and had to open a ticket to get it resolved.  The tech, Juan Labrada, did an excellent job at narrowing down the issue.  

    "I am seeing the behavior with reader DC, I would advise you set the profile to either not auto-approve or turn of the deploy latest version switch so that version 17.9 is deployed

    For some reason the system believes 15.6 is the latest version."

  • He's working on a larger issue with our KDSU already. I guess I'll go update the ticket and see if he can fix that too. None of the software is set to auto-approve