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Reader DC not show on the agent list of installed programs

  • in one of my clients, all machines have Adobe Reader DC, as well as Adobe 9 (they use both)

    when I try to keep it up to date, Reader DC is not showing up on the Software Deployiment-->Status-->By Machine.

    it actually shows as "(not installed)"

    If I go to Manual Deployment-->By Software Title and try to install the reader, it fails after some time, never showing up on any client.

    I went to another of my clients and then notice the very same thing. Reader DC is installed on those machines, but do not show as installed on Kaseya.

    Any one having the same issue?

  • We have this same issue. View history reports that result is partial: reader dc : skipped (up to date)

  • You are right neuvoja, it's shows "Skipped (up to date)" but then, kaseya screen should show it, not tell us that '(not installed)'.

    Must be something that need to be done.

  • The issue with Adobe DC and KDSU is a know issue I have had a ticket open on this since the 23rd of March, The response is "Our engineering team is currently working on that issue. The assigned technician, will update you once the issue is fixed or for any related information."

  • Did this issue with DC ever get fixed for you? We're having the same issue. In fact we're having nothing but trouble with KSDU in 9.2 and support has been no help.

  • Still have the issue and now for some reason it also adds version 15.6.30174 to the catalog along with the latest (15.16.20045). And Always Deploy Latest uses this old version unless I delete it from the catalog and add it manually into the profile.

    This weird version is not in the Ninite applist: ninite.com/.../pro.html and could not found info about it from google.

  • Okay I got an update last night on my KSDU ticket, I will post some of it here as there is a lack of information from Kaseya and the only way it seems to happen is via the community.

    "I just heard back from Engineering and they've let Support know that as per Product Management, the issue has been confirmed to be with Ninite and no fix will be made to the current KSDU product. In future we will be moving to a different vendor for software deployment." . It would be nice to have a product road map, seeing as 9.4 if supposed to be released in 66 days to be a September release.

  • Patch

    Fixed an issue with Software Deployment not detecting Adobe Reader DC as installed. (PT-117/SDP-207)

    Finally! :)

  • Is KSDU a trimmed down version of Ninite Pro or is it the full feature set? Anyone know what they are planning to move to in future?