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Lan Cache filling with Ninite

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The KaseyaSD folder under Software Installers is filled with gigs of old Software Deployment versions. Why are these not purging?  How can I safely remove them>

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  • Just delete the old files. If you delete a file that is needed it will be downloaded again.

  • - are you happy with your ksdu setup?

    I ask b/c we purchased it originally and then threw it out and bought Ninite pro and created our own wrapper around it. We did this after a lot of issues with KSDU which almost cost us a client. So it's interesting to see if this product was an actual success for someone. I also understand that at the connect they announced that they're dropping KSDU for a global patch management solution.

  • We purchased KDSU in January of 2015. It took about a week to get the hang of it, but it does do the job very nicely with minimum attention. We are Very Happy with what it does for our clients and our engineers.

  • I'm not overly thrilled by Kaseya. It does a lot of things but none of them particularly well. The whole product feel like a slap dashed swiss army knife.   My issue with KDSU in indicative of my overall problems. The 'solution' to the ninite cache folder filling up is to manually delete all the updates?  That's something I want to remember to do every so often on ALL of my cache servers. I just would like Kaseya to be a LOT more polished than it is.  

    I hate reports with a burning passion.  

    (edit) Actually I just thought about it  - desktop control/support is solid. 

    updated thoughts.
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  • If you setup each client lan with a Lan Cache, its easy enough to create a script and run periodically to delete all items in that Lan Cache. If you create the cache in each client Lan using the same path, your script should work every time.....Big Smile

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