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KSDU and Custom Installer

  • We recently purchased kaseya and have been testing the Software deployment module. We have been have trouble with the custom installer running and installing software.  The big thing is that all of are software is downloaded from the internet (vendor website). My question is how do you make a silent install using the custom file.

  • Any reply? I have similar issue...

  • Any updates here? I'm running into a similar issue.

  • You will need to locate what command line switches the specific software you are working with requires in order to make it run silently.  There are some common switches that some vendors use, but in the end, some vendors just make up their own switches.  If the installer is an MSI, you're in luck, those are fairly standard.  You would need to invoke it with something like:

    msiexec /i setup.msi /QN /NOREBOOT


    If your installer is an EXE, your best bet is to check with the vendors support docs to find the switches.  Failing that, I usually check the database over at ITNinja.  After that, I just resort to Googling.


    Once you find the switches, test in in a VM or similar test environment.  Open an elevated CMD and test the arguments you have put together.  If it doesn't work locally, it won't work in Kaseya.

    Once you have your arguments working, you can put them into KSDU.  You need to enter the silent arguments into the "Command Line arguments" field in the dialogue to create a custom installer.  The "command line" field text area will show you the full command that Kaseya will run on the machine to install the program.  Fiddle with the arguments until the command line output looks like what was working in your test environment.

    Here is one I've created.  In the end, I had to directly email the software vendor to discover the proper switches.  Some vendors just do a poor job of publishing them.