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Clearing Selective Policy Overrides

  • Hello,

    I've been looking all over the documentation but can't find if there is a way to do this. Say I have multiple machine-specific settings which are overriding a number of policies.

    Is there a way to selectively clear overrides that may be impacting a specific policy instead of clearing all machine-specific settings? I am sure that in most cases I can go to the setting itself and make the necessary changes. However, there are some options, like the Agent menu, that once implemented at machine-level, even if totally disabled, remain machine-specific (in this case, the fact that no menu is to be displayed for example) and won't go away until the overrides are cleared. 

    I know this is a very specific scenario, and I have not run into this issue myself, but I do wonder if it is possible.



  • I too have this issue (specifically with Agent Menu). As usual its going on 4 years and there is no response....

    Guess we'll have to work this out on our own.

  • How are you applying the machine-specific overrides? Override policy or direct setting?

    We use hundreds of policies and very rarely have compliance override issues. Quite a few general compliance challenges, especially after VSA updates, but most are resolved by a forced re-apply.