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Anyone have a solution for relative dates after the first|second|third|fourth|last of a day of the month?

  • For example. Patch tuesday is the second tuesday of the month. How can I schedule my updates to happen the immediate Saturday or Sunday after the second Tuesday of the month? I would typically never want to install updates immediately on patch tuesday, but I would want to install them at some interval of days after Patch tuesday. I could do the 3rd saturday of the month and that would always happen after the second tuesday, but would it be 4 days after or 11 days after? I'd prefer a consistent number of days after patch Tuesday.

    Edit: Seems this is not possible. Please upvote this as a feature request if you would like to see this functionality: https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/entries/90983098-Relative-Scheduling

    added feature request link
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  • Schedule "monthly" for the second (or third) Saturday or Sunday of the month: (see notes below about how this may shake out)

    As you've alluded to, though, there is some variation on this due to what actual day the month starts with... if the month were to start on a Saturday, for example, you would have *two* Saturdays occur before two Tuesdays occur. So to be safe, yes, you may want to use the third Saturday or Sunday of the month ... or schedule for every two weeks. Lots of options here.

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  • Yeah that's what I am doing now. I was just hoping someone had a clever way of achieving the scheduling I'm looking for. I threw in a feature request, hopefully it gets some attention. Please upvote if you agree! helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../90983098-Relative-Scheduling