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How to exclude a policy, but not set of the Override warning

  • Hi all,

    I have some policies that I want individual machines to be excluded from.  I know I can manually make the change in the relevant part of Kaseya but then it marks the machine in red when you view it in Policy Manager, and adds to the count of non-compliant machines.

    How can I exclude individual machines but not make it non-compliant?  When I look at the machine and you can see what policies have been applied, I would think there should be a way to highlight a policy and mark it to be excluded.

    Is this possible?  If not, does anyone (Kaseya) know if its on the wish list?

    Thanks in advance,


  • I just found a workaround - not an answer.  I created a dummy script and all it does is writes something to the procedure logs.  I schedule this dummy script to the machine that I want excluded.

    I then updated the view associated with the policy to say only list machines that DONT have this dummy script scheduled.  voila, machine is now excluded, but there really needs to be a neater way of doing this.


  • David,

    There is no built-in way to exclude individual machines at this time.  Your work-around is certainly an effective way to create an exclusion, but within Policy, you can't simply select a machine and click "exclude me" (or something to that effect).  However, that functionality has been submitted as a feature request.  I can't say whether/when it will be added, but it is on the "wish list".

  • A better way would probably be to make a corresponding manual System Info field for any policy you might want to exclude something from, then all you have to do is update the field and adjust the policies view respect that fields value.

  • we use the system info method

  • I use Custom Fields to do this and they work great with view filters Smile

  • same here,  custom fields and custom views make this easy to accomplish...

  • Thanks guys - custom field it is.