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View for out of Compliance?

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I think I'm getting the hang of Policy Management and really it's a big time saver and proof of something happening and future proofing my agents but one thing that annoys me is Compliance.

Is there a way or setting I can set that always triggers overrides and reapplication of policies? or if not is there a view I can setup to only show me agents which are out of compliance so I can go back and reapply polices?


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  • Too right - we need this view too

    Doesnt seem to be any way to setup a view to only show machines that are out of compliance ???

  • You can create a Filter within Policy Management by clicking on the first column and then select your filtering option.

  • Summary>Policy Matrix

  • ahh great - thanks

  • In the next release of Policy Management, you will similarly be able use the policy status to filter the list of machines under Assignment -> Machines.  From there, you can use the 'Clear Override' and 'Reprocess Policies' buttons to remediate override/out-of-compliance issues.