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Do we have to wipe all the current manual settings for Policy Management to take effect?

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I was reading the following forum post: http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/162/t/12165.aspx


This is some of what SJConsultant pasted from the help file:


All policy assignments can be overridden by changing agent settings manually throughout the VSA.

  • Manual changes have precedence over all policies assignments.


My Question:  Because manual settings override policy settings, do we have to wipe clean all current manual settings so that pilocy settings will apply?

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  • I've found that it is easier to see when and where the policies have been applied when you clear the previous settings, but this in not necessary.  While I was able to clear some settings (monitor sets, alerts, etc.), I didn't clear the log file retention days, etc. and I was able to apply new policies over existing settings.  However, it would be nice if there was some visual cue on the Agent-Menu screen that the settings that appear there were set by a KPM policy.

  • @Jim, thats a great idea, did you send in a FR for that?

    @Mango4, you don't need to. And remember monitoring settings for ADD-ON modules like BUDR are not YET available in KPM