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Other folks having trouble with importing templates & getting settings to "stick" in Policy Management?

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Long time lurker, first time poster... howdy, y'all!  Smile

We just bought the Kaseya Policy Management module (at the low low price of $200) but instantly ran into issues.

Full disclosure: I have already opened a ticket on this and am awaiting a call from a specialist... I'm just curious to see if anyone else is running into these issues.

1) Unable to copy settings from a template (see the following error):

2) Unable to get settings to "stick" per the process below:

1) Un-check the “Enable Agent Icon” checkbox:

2) Hit “Save and Apply” and “Apply Now”:

3) Click on a different module:

4) Click back on the “PC” policy under “Policies”:

5) Setting has not stuck:

So again... just curious... is this just us?  Or are other folks running into these issues as well?

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  • I have a ticket logged with Kaseya as well.  Created a simple monitor and attempted to assign that on an organizational level. Nothing, nada, not a peep, not an error message, etc . You get the idea :-)

  • For anyone who stumbles across this thread... the ticket is still "in progress" and assigned to a specialist (Brandon Cartwright), with the latest update as follows:

    I have identified the problem with the "Import from Template" functionality.  A hotfix should be coming tomorrow.  I've also identified the problem with the Agent Menu.  This is a UI problem that will be hotfixed Tuesday of next week.  I apologize for the delay.  If there is anything else I can help you with regarding this module please let me know.

    I had requested further clarification (i.e. "Would I be correct in saying that, come Wednesday of next week, this should be working 'as demonstrated'?"), but I have yet to hear back.  Fingers crossed (and also hopeful that @SJConsultant's monitor set issue gets hotfixed as well)!

  • Has there been an update on this hotfix?

  • @K Arnott... no, they haven't gotten back to me for the last 4 days.  I can't say I'm surprised... it seems like they pushed a product to market that was not ready.  I'm frankly very disappointed--not only in the product not working "out of the gate," but also in Kaseya support's "cagey" responses and inability to just give me a straight answer... as in, "When can I expect this to be working?"  The ticket is yellow in the support portal, whatever that means... I did request another update just now.  We'll see.

  • I have a similar issue with the Patch Policy Membership not sticking when selected and saved. Have created a ticket and hope a hotfix comes soon for all of this.

  • Here's my latest series of updates from Kaseya Support:

    6/20/2011 (emphasis added):

    The fix for the template was hotfixed on 6/18/2011.  The remaining issues should be released in a hotfix early next week (6/27/2011) 


    6/21/2011 (emphasis added):

    Update: Hi Brian, Actually I double check and notice the error message still appears when you import the template. However, a new policy is created despite the error message. Since I am not sure what kind of setting is being used on those Agent. Other than the error message, Can you let me know if it did create the policy correctly based on the Agent setting? 

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We will try hotfixing these issue ASAP. 


    /grumble grumble they'd promised this was going to be fixed yesterday grumble grumble Sad

  • As mentioned above, Kaseya is working on hot fixes for the issues reported above.  We are excited about the potential productivity gains that can be realized with the new KPM module, and we appreciate your patience as we smooth the rough edges off of this v1.0 release.

  • Here's the latest (hint: the hotfixes have been pushed back again):

    Hi Brian, we are planning to hotfix the Import from Template error on Thursday 6/30, and the rest of the issues on 7/6. Thanks.

    Guess they wanted a long weekend Confused

  • What I am curious about....was this module even beta tested to the group? Seems the template import should have been noticed at the start.

  • Steve Creager
    was this module even beta tested to the group? Seems the template import should have been noticed at the start.

    Yes, we had a Controlled Release period where KPM was running on a number of production systems prior to General Release.  The Import feature was tested and working at one point; unfortunately, it was subsequently broken and the break was not detected at the time of GA. We are committed to correcting problems as soon as possible.  As such a fix has been made and is being tested.  We will release the hot fix as soon as it is ready.

  • I've given up for now.  I'm not a big fan of being a "guinea pig" for a supposedly "fully-baked" product.  Our customers expect more from us.

    Figure 1: A disenfranchised pirate guinea pig

    I'll be waiting through the slipping hotfix release dates until I hear rumblings on the forums that it's actually working "as advertised."