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KNM suddenly loosing Monitors

  • KNM is loosing monitors that existed before....

    we didn't migrate immediately after the rollout of version 9 but since....

    today 16 of august 2016 : we notice KNM is suddently loosing Monitor sets ( dhcp, exchange.....)

  • Hi  

    Please create a support ticket on this issue.

  • I had to uninstall and reinstall the KNM gateways and they came back.

  • Don't think that the purpose of Kaseya is to re-install KNM Gateways tons of times to get back to a working situation. To delete objects that suddenly aren't discovered / seen anymore - run an inspect and hope that they are found again !!

  • True, but our monitors some how came back with all the monitors as they were, no inspection needed... I was surprised by this, it even had all the SNMP monitors, as we lost our MIB files, so it somehow found the old config left from the previous KNM gateway.  The SNMP monitors just have the SNMP numeric ID instead of their text ID, but they are operational at least.