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Gateway Autoupdate fails after 9.3 Upgrade

  • Anyone else experiencing the gateway trying to autoupdate after upgrading to 9.3 but never actually being able to autoupdate and the site in KNM goes into a semi limbo state where it might check in green but no monitors are working?  I've fixed it by removing the gateway and reinstalling but we have a bunch, just wanted to see if anyone else was hitting this or if it's unique to us.

  • Hello bctirado,

    Yes, after initial excitement of what we could do with KNM (and I was REALLY excited about it)

    we stopped its planned implementation after 9.3 because our experience with the system showed us it is too unstable and buggy.

    Not that it was "fluid' before, but in 9.3 it went backward (if that was even possible).

    This is our experience of course, others may have it perfectly working.

    Gateway's not updating, stopping communicating with the server (or installing and never communicating)

    Even when it is working I have to keep uninstall and re-install the Gateway just to keep it "green".

    And also from before:

    LUA API functions mysterious authentication (I have a ticket still open since like 2 months that is kept alive with the usual "we are still checking"). You could workaround this by hard-coding passwords for this to be honest.

    I cannot count the times I added a network and deleted it to see if we could make it work.

    And the known limitation of not being able to discover ranges outside of the gateway subnet mask even if the network is visible (which forces you to have a Gateway / Network on every sub-net that brings you back to the nightmare of getting the gateway working).

    We went back using the SNMP monitoring which is less powerful but it works.

    We will give KNM another shot in may be 6 months / 1 year or whenever we feel more confident reading from other's experiences (your message tells me we have made the right decision :-) ).

  • After uninstalling and reinstalling all the gateway agents it appears to be working again for us (Doesn't take long but that is A LOT of uninstalling and reinstalling when you have a lot of sites).  I'm not doing anything too aggressive with KNM, just monitoring router bandwidth/resource utilization and ESXi servers.

    I've also noticed the same behavior where a site will go offline or silently go offline in 9.2 (Still green but not monitoring) where I have to uninstall and reinstall the gateway.

  • Hi  

    In 9.3 I  know of one issue we currently have with gateways in which they cannot re-authenticate with the KNM Service running on KServer after cycling the KNM Server Service.

    So, you may see this recur after applying a patch, reapply schema, or kicking the server.

    A restart of the Kaseya Network Monitor Gateway service on the respective gateway machines resolves the issue and the gateways check back in successfully after the restart of service in most cases (This might be easier fix then uninstalling/reinstalling every time it occurs if this is what you are seeing).

    A fix for this issue is tentatively scheduled for patch

  • Good tip, I'll give that a shot next time and look forward to

  • Im on and get the same problem.  For now one gateway cant come online.

    uninstalled/installed    gateway, reinstalled the entire agent, retarted KNM services

    nothing seem to work with this one.

    All others i hade to unisntall/reinstall to get them working.

    updated to today