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  • Hi,

    wonder whether somebody got into the situation where het lost a NETWORK in discovery and thereby also ALL monitor sets defined and assigned in KNM ?

    is there a way to recover them forexample a snapshot ( vm machine )


  • Hi  

    Do you have a snapshot of the Kaseya Server?

    If so, it would restore the network and/or monitors by reverting back to a snapshot but you would lose most of the data from the time the snapshot was taken until now.

    Did you create a support ticket for this?

  • Hi Nicolas,

    yes I did, but did not get any answer as to how to get the monitors back / individual file containing those KNM monitors.


  • Hi Nicolas,

    I recovered the monitor sets by putting a snapshot on another VM.

    However which "SQL" files do we need to backup to avoid this kind of problems !


  • Here is the complete list of what you need to backup: