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WMI Query in KNM

  • trying to specify an WMI Query in KNMi (performance ) but each time 

    synctactical not valid.

    anybody has an working examples.


  • Hello rdk,

    Here is a simple WMI query that returns the Operating System of the monitored device.

    Best Regards

  • Hi Alesandro,

    ok thks for the quick reply.

    that works but is is possible to encapsulate a ping

    something like

    Select address or TIme(ms)  from Win32_PingStatus Where Address='mail.....'"


  • Hello Rdk,

    This works for me:

    Select responsetime from Win32_PingStatus where Address=''

    Of course you can change the IP to whatever you need.

    I put an exaggerated threshold in the Compare Value not to get an alert so I could take your screenshot.

    You would want to put a value that makes sense.

    Make sure the datatype matches what you are retrieving (responsetime is a Uint32) as shown in the picture.

    Best Regards

  • Hello Alessandro,

    ok thks didn't thought it would be sol simple....