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Networks within Network Monitor

  • Found a way to get rid of all those unnamed networks within Network Monitor

    and how to specify how to scan a network.

  • Share with the masses then RDK - because I find having hundreds in the list a major pain.

  • Make sure that Automatic Network Harvest is disabled - otherwise you end up with the "Starbucks Effect." (Discovery -> Settings)

    Then, remove the networks you don't like, and go back and manually create the ones you want after a machine audit has run.

  • Hey Kerry,

    and should I re-enable it afterwards, or should it stay OFF ?


  • One of Kaseya's support staff in the KNMi group showed us that back in October also.  But, if you run an Audit they will still populate.

  • We leave it off permanently, and then just add new networks manually when onboarding additional machines.

  • I tried this but needed support to have 172.20.1.x created correctly so even manually is not sur

    ( was always using 172.0-255.0-255.0-255 )