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Kaseya 7 Montiroing EXSi 5.5

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in the past month my company has done an update on Kaseya to Version 7 which has KNM Integration i am only starting to play around with this tool, and I am wondering how can i add  ESXi 5.5  and F5 systems to KNM and allow Kaseya to monitor the systems ? 

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  • From NM install a gateway on the network (Networks come from Discovery module), find ESX host in the network, select it, click add monitor, from here you can do datastore monitoring, Hardware monitoring via a Lua script (wbem_esxi_health_.lua), and a few other things.  You need to store your credentials for ESXi either in the object by clicking edit or at the network level by clicking edit.

  • This is also helpful, I used it to get going recently.  Most of the info is still relevant-


  • When i try to add the Esxi i am getting This network lacks a probe agent.