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KNM \ Not discovering Fortinet and/or SNMP devices

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We are trying to remotely monitor a number of FortiGate units and each time we run an 'inspect now' scan nothing happens.

Here is a quick rundown of the environment we've created \ setup.

FortiGate (x2 in an HA cluster):
- LAN Interface is enabled with HTTPS, SSH, SNMP.
- SNMP agent and v2 enabled accepting traps from (all hosts) with basic name for community name.
- Default port of 161 is being used.
- All units behind the LAN interface (i.e. the Default Gateway) can ping the interface and access the Internet and Kaseya (KNM) server with no issues.

- Network Discovery has been run and identified our VMware hosts, Windows VMs, etc...
- SNMP with same community name has been included in LAN Watch.
- ND did not see the FortiGate LAN interface IP ***.
- Successfully created sub-groups adding VMware and Windows VMs.
- Successfully created authentication for Windows, SNMP and VMware.
- VMware and Windows pre-populated with numerous monitors when 'inspect and monitor' was chosen with no issues.
- Configured authentication to include the SNMP community string.

I had to manually add the asset to the sub-group for the Fortinet by the LAN IP Address and from there when I try to run the inspect nothing happens. I'm not able to add any monitors to it either. Can someone call me and see what I am doing wrong?

Lastly, how do we delete manually created assets? I did not see anywhere in the documentation to do so.


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  • Hello, did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue with our Fortigate. Thanks!

  • Hi  

    Inspect now will not detect any pre-configured snmp monitors for this type of operating system.

    What type of issue are you having? Are you able to apply a single SNMP monitor on this device?