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KNM - Is there a way to merge Networks

  • Hi,

    KNM is creating 2 different "Networks" for the same client.

    Is there a way to merge them ? Forexample I have Immo with allmost all agents, but some others are ending up in an unnamed one ?

    Is there a way to avoid this ?


  • I couldn't find a way to do it aside from creating folders in KNM. I also have a network listed for one organization that isn't listed anywhere in discovery (the endpoints in this network are in a different container in discovery than they are in KNM).

  • Hello,

    Since VSA 7.0, Network Monitor (formerly KNM) is an integrated module that is closely tied to the Discovery process. The network names that you see under that module are originating from the Discovery module. Any changes made to the network name and other parameters here will automatically flow to the Network Module as well. So if you notice incorrect network parameters, it might be related to a misconfigured agent (eg. incorrect subnet).

    Regards - Rajib

  • Each subnet should probably be its own network, but you can create a new group and put both networks under that group. That will help you when you create a network map as well because you can organize them better.