Does anybody happen to know how the KNM integration into the VSA is going to work in reality?

I have been migrating our monitoring over to KNM, due to a complete lack of faith in perfmon monitoring from the VSA (after discovering the hard way that when counters don't respond, the VSA just pretend they're fine and shows them as green on the dashboards anyway)

It occurs to me that since KNM 5.0 came out there's no actual way to multiple-select common devices in a filtered view and then bulk apply templates to them, which means that when I go to apply a revised Exchange (for example) template, I've got no easy way of doing it and will have to manually re-apply this template to each of the machines individually ..

Also - Event log monitoring; Again this is affected by template issues so as we develop the event sets beyond our current monitoring for event logs (still in the VSA at present) are we going to be banging our head against a brick wall every time we need to roll out a new set?

So... Is templating fixed in the integrated product?

Finally - Does anybody know if the KNM and VSA monitoring alarms can be viewed from a common dashboard in the integrated product? If so, then perhaps we could use the VSA for event logs and KNM for counters and services - best of both worlds.

Thanks for your time.


Stupid typo. :-D
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