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Moving from Intellipool to Kaseya

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Morning all,

              I've been tasked with migrating / upgrading from Intellipool to Kaseya.

              Currently Intellipool sits on a Windows XP machine and I have built a 2003 Server for Kaseya to live on.

               Has anyone got a step by step for migrating from one to the other?

               If it has already been posted then great please point me to that and my apologies for not finding it on my initial searches.

               I've read about grabbing config files and trying them on a test bed but this doesn't seem related to Intellipool to Kaseya.

               Thanks in advance


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  • Moving from INM to KNM is covered in this KB article, the article mentions KNM 3.4 but it also apply to that version of INM


    The following article covers the move from KNM v4 to KNM v5


    KNM v5 is the current version of KNM and I recommend that you move to this version if your license allows fro this.

  • Appreciate the response RA, thanks.

    I have further questions if that's ok regarding the linked post, as per below.

    After the install have completed, shutdown KNM on the test machine. (Is this just a matter of stopping the services manually or is there a more efficient way?)

    - Copy the following files from your production KNM directory into the KNM directory on the test machine.

    - settings.nxd

    - init.cfg

    - (DE Only) disttest.nxd

    - (DE Only) private.key

    - statistics\current.nxd

    - statistics\current.nxr

    Of the above files Intellipool has settings.nxd / init.cfg and the staaistics directory does hold a current.nxr file thought the other file is current.nxi and not .nxd.

    The Kaseya directory does not have a Statistics directory for the current.nxr / nxi files.

    I did try to copy the files, with the exception of the current.nxr /nxi files but Kaseya Network Monitor service will then not run, stating that the service has started and then stopped, which happens when a service is not in use.

    I believe the version we have been given by Kaseya is version 5. How does this affect our upgrade / migration from Intellipool to this version of Kaseya?


  • You first need to upgrade your installation to KNM v4 using the instructions in my previous post , the latest installer can be found here:


    After that, you can upgrade this to KNM v5, the latest version can be found here:


    Release notes here:


    Regarding the v5 upgrade, there is a new version this week, so I would wait for that.

  • Thanks RA.

    If I'm also migrating from Windows XP to Server 2003 is my best path

    i) An inplace upgrade to KNM v4 then migration on to KNM v5 on the 2003 Server


    ii) Migration to KNM v4 on the 2003 server and then an in place upgrade to KNM v5?

  • I think its roughly the same, but if the Windows 2003 server is faster than your old Windows XP, there might be a time benefit of doing as much work as possible on the Windows 2003 machine, so I would probably started with moving to that machine.

  • OK it might be that I am not understanding the steps involved here.

    I have Intellipool installed on an XP machine.

    I installed KNM V4 on a Windows Server 2003 machine.

    I copied the following files from the Intellipool directory on the XP machine to the KNM directory on the 2003 Server





    This causes the newly installed KNM 4 to result in the webpage being unable to display.

    If I put the original files back it works ok.

    If I replace the original files with the Intellipool files, without replacing the init.cfg, then I get the setup page.

    I'm sure I read somewhere that I need the DBconfig.nxd too but that's not listed on the link.

    The monitors were shut down before replacing the files.

    I need to get what we have in Intellipool into the latest version of KNM. Is it as simple as copying some files from one directory to another?


  • I think you missunderstood, the upgrade is always inplace, so you install over a already present installation. So if you wan to move the whole thing to your Windows 2003 server, you have to move your old installation first, and then install KNM v4 over it.

  • OK yes I definitely misunderstood. I have tried an in place upgrade, on the XP machine, to no avail. Intellipool and KNM v4 appear to be running side by side.

    Is this because they are running from two separate directories?

    Intellipool is running from default c:\Program Files\Intellipool Network Monitor

    Kaseya is running from c:\Kaseya\KNM

    I've followed the instructions, albeit without the test machine bit as I classed the 2003 effort as that.

  • I have re-installed KVM v4 and redirected the default directory to the existing Intellipool directory. It now appears to be working.

    Can you clarify how I migrate to a new machine?

  • Here you go: